Off-grid Solar System 18KW-2
Product Name : 18KW-2
Product Description

18KW Off-grid Solar System

      1. SI series ~ 3Pcs of PM-6000SI.


      2. Premium MPPT Series ~ 2Pcs of PM-SCC-50AM-1248


      3. Put suitable breaker you need to protect your loads.


      4. Digital meters on cabinet.


      5. Solar panels & battery size depend on different charging & discharging time.

The sun is well-known for providing solar radiation without any charge.

Therefore; Power Master creates Off-Grid Solar Power System to make good use of it.

In this design; it can produce solar power from sun; and then provide power to the loads.

When you begin use this system; you can …

      1. Save your electricity bill.


      2. Use green power for sustainable environment.


      3. Improve quality of living by having more stable power source.

Moreover; Power Master provides all kinds of solar equipments such as Solar Panel; Solar Inverter; Battery; and Solar Charge Controller etc… The package can also be customized based on your requirements.