Wind Turbine
    Product Name : PM-5000WT
    Product Description

    Aluminum Alloy Casing

    Can be derived by any direction of wind.
    No gearbox. Outer-rotor design, drive directly.
    Simple & Safety structure.
    Minimum noise and high efficiency.

    Vertical Axis

    Solve wind problem due to different landforms. Suitable for cities, countryside, islands, farms, villages, schools¡Kand so on.


    Model PM-5000WT
    Rotor Specification
    Rate Wind Output 5000W
    Rated Wind Speed 11 m/s
    Max. Power 7000W
    Cut-in Wind Speed 2.0 m/s
    Cut-off Wind Speed 15 m/s
    Survival Wind Speed 60 m/s
    Rotor Diameter 5 m
    Blade Height (without Tower) 4 m
    Swept Area 20 m²
    Tip Speed Ratio 2.3
    Blade Number 5
    Gearbox Type No Gearbox
    Brake System Air Brake/Over Speed short circuit
    Weight (Blade + Generator) 600 kg
    Generator Specification
    Generator Type Outer-rotor Generator
    Power Conversion AC-DC 24V Battery