PM-5024 Model AC / DC Smart Charger
Product Name : PM-5024
Product Description

Multi-step charger setup and auto shutdown (tri-step)
LED status display
Short circuit protection
Reverse polarity protection
Overload protection
Automatic control fan


50Amp; 24Vdc
ABC series features Automatic multi-rate charging function /3 stage charging your battery perfect and extend battery's life.


  Model No. PM-5024
  Input Range   110Vac or 230Vac +/- 10%
  Output Voltage 50Amp/ 24Vdc
  Frequency 50~60Hz
  Parallel operation module available Yes
  Short circuit protection Yes
  Reverse polarity protection Yes
  Overload protection Yes
  Automatic control fan Yes
  Aluminum housing & LED display * GREEN: Light Power On; Dark Power Off
* YELLOW: Light Bulk charging; Dark Float charging
Automatic multi-rate charging function
/3 stage
* Equalizer Charge: 29.2Vdc
* Floating Charge: 27.4Vdc
  Accessory AC wire & DC Cable with Alligator Clip
  Net weight (by Kg/s) 7.70
  Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 415 * 180 * 160