Super Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
    Product Name : PM-RC03SSL
    Product Description

    Remote control box with 3M wire.
    You can control everything on the remote contronl.

    LED Indicators

    1 AC IN 1. Input voltage normal, and position
    > "transfer Voltage Level" (150VAC~240VAC) 
    2. Input voltage frequency range in between (45~65Hz)
    No input power
    2 AC CHARGER Green : Battery charger is working.  
    3 AC OUT There is voltage at the ¡§AC OUT¡¨ terminal.  
    4 INVERTER Green : Inverter is working.  
    5 BATTERY FLOAT or ABSOR. Or BULK charge state of battery.  
    6 ATS Green : ATS switch is active AC IN voltage is being sent directly to AC OUT terminal  
    7 RUN/STOP Green : SSL series turn on.
    Red : SSL series turn off.
    NOTE: Green Blink : Auto-Restart is in use
    8 COM./ERR. Remote control port in communication/in error

    Push Buttons

    Push Buttons Name Description
    PB1 RUN/STOP SSL series RUN/STOP key
    PB2 DSPL Multi-display select key
    PB3 ENTER Data write-in key
    PB4 DOWN (∇) ∇ Decrement key
    PB5 UP (Δ) Δ Increment key
    PB6 AC Input power to charge the battery. 
    Function Key to move Cursor to the right digit at Parameter Edit.
    Before changing from one mode to another, it has to stop running and be in STOP mode.
    PB7 DC power from battery to supply to AC loads. 
    Function Key to move Cursor to the left digit at Parameter Edit.
    PB8 AC Generator Support with Dynamic Power Shifting.
    Function Key to return to Main Menu ¡§Programming¡¨
    PB9 AC Power as Priority Support.
    Function Key to return to Main Menu "Operation".