Power Master Lights Up the Solar Business Opportunities in Dominican Republic

PM Group stands out with extensive capabilities in technology export and actively works on solar power plant projects abroad. 

In the exhibition of Expo de La Republica de China (Taiwan) from 16th-19th June, 2016, Power Master will officially sign contract with the most competitive local companies in Dominican Republic and together form a joint venture company under the name "Power Master Dominicana S.R.L."

With many years of experiences and over thousands of project achievements in solar industry, Power Master will extend this competitive advantage in the new company, in its main services - EPC and solar power plants acquisition. 

In the meantime, CSC Solar, member of Power Master Group and the top company in Taiwan for solar components providing, continues its investments in solar projects aboard and CIGS materials & facilities. 


Non-toxic Organic Cultivation 

Power Master, together with National Formosa University, has successfully developed the method of recycling and reusing the materials inside discarded mushroom space bags, turning them into biological composts and biopesticides (such as Trichoderma fungi), etc. This opens a new page for non-toxic organic cultivation, in an even more environmental friendly way.