Power Master sets a good example in SOLAR + AGRIculture + BIOTEChnology

"This is the best diversified business model. With 5 million space bags of mushrooms as an initial start, SOLGREEN will represent the 'brand' in solar farming", said CEO TJTsai.

Generating energy on top and planting crops underneath, is considering the most efficient way of land use, especially in area with limited space available. Economically, this also creates additional values to solar farming: to provide more energy and food at the same time. 

Under the slogan of SOLGREEN - "So Green, So Nature", PM Group aims to achieve the goal of bringing non-toxic organic crops to the public. 

With over thousand of solar plant installations up to date, PM Group takes a further step in  expanding solar business in countries like China, Philippines, Dominican Republic, and more. 


Industry-University Cooperation:  A Blue Ocean Strategy in Agricultural Technology

PM Group has signed contract with National Formosa University on June 25th, 2016 for development of solar power in agricultural applications. By integrating technologies of solar and agriculture, both parties are optimistic about bringing improves to the traditional way of agriculture, as well as creating more job opportunities for the citizens.