12KW Off-grid Solar System

    • 1. Solar panel ~ 30Pcs of 130W solar panel.
    • 2. SI series ~ 4Pcs of PM-3000SI.
    • 3. Premium Series ~ 5Pcs of PM-60AP.

The sun is well-known for providing solar radiation without charge. Therefore; Power Master Technology.; Co Ltd. creates Off-Grid Solar Power System. In this design; it can produce the solar power from sun; and then provide the electricity to the loading. When you begin use this system; you can …

    • 1. Saving more money for your bill.
    • 2. Using the green power for keeping our environment more pure

Moreover; Power Master provides bunch of solar equipments such as Solar Panel; Solar Inverter; Battery; and Solar Charge Controller else…We also can make a suitable design for your needs.

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