Remote control interface
Transfer Switch
Soft Start
AVR design
Input & Output isolated
Auto temperature control fan
Reverse polarity protection. / by fuse
Output short circuit protection
Temperature protection: 50 +/- 5degrees
Overload protection
Input low voltage protection
Input high voltage protection
Low battery alarm
Low battery shut-down 

MODIFIED SINE WAVE inverter with built in AC Charger
Connect batteries and operate it as UPS.
This unit will be a UPS unit. 


  Model No. PM-2500CA14-24
  Output power continuous 2500W
  Instant Surge 5000W
  AC Output Voltage 100V/110V/115V/120VAC or 220V/230V/240V
  Regulation ± 5~10%
  DC Input Voltage 20~30V
  Charging Current 14Amp
  Transfer Time AC LINE  INVERTER 16ms
  Efficiency 86%
  Output frequency 50Hz or 60Hz ± 3%
  Low Battery Alarm 19.8V
  Low Battery Shut-Down 19.2V
  Input Low Voltage Protection Yes
  Input High Voltage Protection Yes
  Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
  Output Short Circuit Protection Yes
  Overload Protection Yes
  Temperature Protection Yes
  Auto Temperature Control Fan Yes
  Input/Output Isolated Yes
  AVR Design Yes
  Remote Control Interface Yes
  Dimensions( L x W x H mm) 720 * 182 * 167
  Net weight (by Kg/s) 11.30
  Accessory AC Wire & DC Cable with O-ring
  Output Waveform
  (Modified sine wave)


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