Two built-in Independent MPPT Boosters increase overall efficiency
Convectional Cooling System provided to guarantee quiet operation
Compact Size; Light Weight
Up to 97.25% high conversion efficiency
Advanced DSP Control Technology delivers accurate data
Ease of Installation to Save Time and Money
Mimic LCD Display
IP65 Cabinets for both Indoor and Outdoor Applications
Optional Monitoring Software provided to offer operational status and electricity generated data

The GT series grid-connected Photovoltaic Inverter is delivered in a waterproof IP65 enclosure which can be installed in either a grid connected solar tracker system or a stationary PV system. By taking care of an accurate power conversion from solar panel to local grid; the GT series effects conversion process with minimal power loss and maximum reliability.


Model Item PM-5000GT-H
Conversion Mode Sine-wave; Current source; High frequency PWM
Isolation Method Transformer-less Design *
DC Input Data
Nominal DC Voltage 370 VDC
Max. DC input Voltage 500 VDC
Working range 120VDC~500VDC **
Max DC input current
(Each MPPT Tracker)
13.2 Amp
MPPT Range 150 VDC ~ 450 VDC
MPPT Tracker 2
AC Output Data
Nominal AC Power 5000VA
Nominal AC Voltage AC 230V
Output Connect Method 1-Phase / 2-Wires(L; N; G) or 1-Phase / 3-Wires(L1; L2; G)
AC Voltage Range 184~264.5Vac(Base on 230 Vac)
Nominal AC Current 21.7Amp
Frequency 50/60Hz Auto-Selection (45.0 ~ 55.0 Hz or 57.0 ~ 63.0 Hz)
Power Factor Leading 0.9 ~ Lagging 0.9
Current Distortion Total Harmonic current : Less than 5%
Single Harmonic current : Less than 3%
Efficiency Data
Max. efficiency >97.2%
Euro efficiency >96.5%
Operating Temperature -25 °C ~ +50 °C
-13 °F ~ 122 °F
Humidity 0 to 90%(Without condensation)
Altitude 0 ~ 2000 M / 0 ~ 6600 ft
(H x W x D in mm )
531 x 439 x157
Weight (Kgs / Lbs) 23 / 50.7
Protection Class IP65; outdoor
Cooling Convection
AC Connector Connector
DC Connector Multi-Contact
Communication Interface Standard RS-232 & RS-485
Optional USB, RS-485, Dry contact, TCP / IP, WiFi
Front Panel
LCD Boost input Voltage/Boost input Current/Boost input Power/AC output Voltage /AC output frequency/AC output current /AC output power/AC Energy yield/Inner Temperature/Heat sink Temperature /Status message/ Error message
LED RED On: Ground fault or DC input insulation fault
Yellow On: Unit Error or Alarm
Green Flash: Standby or Sleeping mode
On: Normal Operation
Key Pad UP key/ Down key/ Function key/ Enter key
Utility Over/under Voltage; Over/under Frequency;
Ground fault; DC Isolation fault
Islanding operation detection Passive : Voltage phase jump detection
Active : Reactive power control
Over Temperature reduced output power
EPO The PV inverter powers off and stops its output and remains in standby mode
On-Grid Performance VDE0126-1-1/A1, VDE-AR-N 4105
Safety IEC 62109-1,-2 , IEC 60730-1
EMI/EMC EN 61000-6-2,EN 61000-6-3,EN 61000-3-11,EN61000-3-12

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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