LCD display
Wind charge controller
Solar charge controller
Multistage charger
Fast Action AC Synchronized Transfer Switch
Microprocessor based design
Heat-Sink built in internal
Soft Start
AVR design
Input & Output isolated
Auto temperature control fan
Reverse polarity protection. / by fuse / diodes /
Output short circuit protection
Temperature protection
Overload protection
Input low voltage protection
Input high voltage protection
Low battery alarm
Low battery shut-down 

Solar / Wind Inverter with LCD Display~
PURE SINE WAVE Inverter with DC battery charger; Solar charge controller and Wind charge controller
Connect directly with Wind / Solar system
Natural Power System; Energy recycle for wind / solar; Future trend 


  Model No. PM-5000SW
  Output Power Continuous 5000W
1. Connection 1 – WT generator input
  Input voltage range (3 phases input) 115V to 280VAC
  Input voltage frequency 0 to 60 Hz
  Maximum input current (continuous) w/limitation
  Maximum input power (continuous) w/limitation W
2. OR
  DC Input (solar pannel) 160V~400Vdc
  AC Input Auto by pass
  By pass Yes
  Connection battery bank Yes
  Nominal battery voltage 192Vdc
  Battery voltage range 160 to 215 Vdc
  Maximum charging power (continuous) 1075w
  Maximum charging current (continuous) 5 Amp @ 215Vdc
3. Connection 3 – grid connect
  Output type AC single phase
  Output voltage (master mode) 230V +/-1%
  Output frequency (master mode) 50 or 60hz +/-0.2%
  Total harmonic distortion < 3%
  Maximum output power (continuous) 6.25 KVA
  Maximum output power 20s 7.2 KVA
  Maximum output current (continuous) 22 A
  Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 38 * 73 * 94
  Net Weight (by Kg/s) 68.00


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