Battery charging; load control or diversion regulation.
Highest reliability – large heat sink and conservative design enables operating at full ratings to 45°C.
More information – Internal and optional meter displays extensive system and controller information; automatic self-test and reset.
Displays can be in muti-languages.
Communications capability – RS-422 connects to a personal computer for custom settings; data logging and remote monitoring and control.
Fully adjustable – DIP switch provides user with choice of 7 digital presets.
Additional custom settings via RS-422.
Extensive electronic protections – Fully protected against reverse polarity; short circuit; overcurrent; high temperature and overvoltage.
Parallel connection (Max. 10 sets)

The world’s leading solar charge controller for both professional and consumer applications.
3 Stage pulse width modulated charge control.
Can be paralleled (Max. 10 sets) at will; according to your demand.


  Model No. PM-SCC-45AP-1248
  Electrical Specifications
  Rated solar; load or diversion
  System Voltage 12V 24V 48V
  Accuracy 12/24: ≤0.1% ±50Mv; 48V: ≤0.1% ±100mV
  Min. voltage to operate 9V
  Max. solar voltage (Voc) 140V
  Max. operating voltage 68V
  Self-consumption While operating -25mA; at Idle -3mA
Meter 7.5mA
  Environmental Specifications
  Operating ambient temperature Controller -40°C to +45°C
Storage temperature: -55°C to +85°C
  Humidity 100% (non-condensing)
  Tropicalization Conformal coating on both sides of all printed circuit boards
  Electronic Protections
Reverse polarity protection (any combination)
Short-circuit protection
Overcurrent protection
Lightning and transient surge protection using 4500W transient voltage suppressors
High temperature protection via automatic current reduction or complete shut down
Prevents reverse current from battery at night
  Mechanical Specifications
  Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 127 x 75 x 266
  Weight (by Kg/s) 2.00
  Largest Wire 35mm2 / 2AWG
  Enclosure Type 1; indoor rated


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