3 Phase connectable
Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)
Power Control – Dealing with limited generator or shore side power
Power Assist – Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power
LCD display for parameter setting and error messages
Programming auxiliary relay (x 3)

Battery Charger
Adaptive 4-stage charge characteristic: Bulk-Absorption-Float-Equalize
The right amount of charge: Variable Absorption Time
Preventing damage due to excessive gassing: The Battery Safe Mode
Less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use: The Equalize Mode
2 outputs to charge 2 battery banks
To increase battery life: Temperature Compensation
Battery Voltage Sense
Extensional Solar Charger Capacity expansion by max. 10 sets of solar chargers (Our Premium Series)

Stackable Inverter ~ When you need more power one day. Stack one more SI inverter to have more power.
Maximum 5pcs for each phase; 15pcs for 3phase.
3 Phase available ~ 2 or more SI inverters to have 3phase change is workable.
Solar charge controller: option and communicated with PM Premium series.
Premium series is stackable also. (Max. 10units).
PM provides off grid system at maximum 90KW inverter + 600Amp solar charge control.


 MODEL PM-3000SI-12 (12 Volt)
PM-3000SI-24 (24 Volt)
PM-3000SI-48 (48 Volt)
 Input Voltage Range (VDC)

9.5~16VDC / 19~32VDC / 38~64VDC

 Output Voltage (VAC)

 90~120VAC / 185~240VAC

 Output Frequency

50Hz / 60Hz ± 0.1%

 Output Voltage

Pure sinewave


< 5%

 Power Factor

All loads

 Switch-on Behavior

Nominal output voltage within 20 msec.

 Cont. Output Power at 25°C(W) (cos£c=1.0)


 Cont. Output Power at 40°C(W) (cos£c=1.0)


 Maximum Power (W)


 Maximum Efficiency (%)

84 / 86 / 89

 Zero-load Power (W)

< 30W

 Input Voltage Range (VAC)

100~125VAC / 200~250VAC

 Input Frequency

45~55Hz / 55~65Hz

 Power Factor


 Charge Characteristic

4-stage adaptive

 Maximum DC Voltage Ripple (Vrms)

< 1.25 V

 Charge Voltage “Absorption” (VDC)

14.4V / 28.8V / 57.6V

 Charge Voltage “Float” (VDC)

13.8V / 27.6V / 55.2V

 Output Charge Voltage (VDC) Min.,Max.

8V,16V / 11V,32V / 22V,64V

 Charge Current House Battery (A)

120A / 70A / 40A

 Charge Current Starter Battery (A)


 Protected by Thermal Circuit Breaker

60A (110V) / 30A (220V)

 Switch-over Time Inverter to AC Input

0 msec.

 Switch-over Time AC Input to Inverter

0 msec.

 Detection Time AC Input Fault

4 msec. to 10 msec.

 Trip Level Mains to Inverter

90VAC / 180VAC

 Trip Level Inverter to Mains

94VAC / 187VAC

 Min.- Max. Frequency Range (50Hz/60Hz)

45~55Hz or 55~65Hz

 Power Control


 Power Assist


 Auto Transfer Switch (A)


 Multi-purpose Relay

3 relays


Output short circuit,
Battery overvoltage,
Battery undervoltage,
Battery reverse polarity detection,
Over temperature,
High input voltage ripple

 Common Characteristics

Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
(fan assisted cooling) Humidity: max 95% (non condensing)

 Weight (kg)


 Dimensions (L x W x H) mm

550 x 285 x 185 mm

 Solar Charger

SCC Series PM-SCC-45A-1248 / PM-SCC-60A-1248
(Max. 10 sets for parallel connection)

 Remote Controller

 Remote monitoring available, optional cables: 3M/15M

 Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS)

Compensation for the battery charging voltage and current


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