3 Phase connectable
Uninterrupted AC power (UPS function)
Power Control – Dealing with limited generator or shore side power
Power Assist – Boosting the capacity of shore or generator power
LCD display for parameter setting and error messages
Programming auxiliary relay (x 3)

Battery Charger
Adaptive 4-stage charge characteristic: Bulk-Absorption-Float-Equalize
The right amount of charge: Variable Absorption Time
Preventing damage due to excessive gassing: The Battery Safe Mode
Less maintenance and aging when the battery is not in use: The Equalize Mode
2 outputs to charge 2 battery banks
To increase battery life: Temperature Compensation
Battery Voltage Sense
Extensional Solar Charger Capacity expansion by max. 10 sets of solar chargers (Our Premium Series)

Stackable Inverter ~ When you need more power one day. Stack one more SI inverter to have more power.
Maximum 5pcs for each phase; 15pcs for 3phase.
3 Phase available ~ 2 or more SI inverters to have 3phase change is workable.
Solar charge controller: option and communicated with PM Premium series.
Premium series is stackable also. (Max. 10units).
PM provides off grid system at maximum 90KW inverter + 600Amp solar charge control.


 MODEL PM-6000SI-24 PM-6000SI-48
 Input Voltage Range (VDC) 19~32VDC 38~64VDC
 Output Voltage (VAC) 185~240VAC
 Output Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ± 0.1%
 Output Voltage Pure sine wave
 THD < 5%
 Power Factor All loads
 Switch-on Behavior Nominal output voltage within 20 msec.
 Cont. Output Power at 25°C(W)
 Maximum Power (W) 12000W
 Maximum Efficiency (%) 88
 Zero-load Power (W) < 50W
 Input Voltage Range (VAC) 200~250VAC
 Input Frequency 45~55Hz / 55~65Hz
 Power Factor 1
 Charge Characteristic 4-stage adaptive
 Maximum DC Voltage Ripple (Vrms) < 1.25 V
 Charge Voltage “Absorption” (VDC) 57.6V
 Charge Voltage “Float” (VDC) 55.2V
 Output Charge Voltage (VDC)
 Charge Current House Battery (A) 140A
 Charge Current Starter Battery (A) 4A
 Protected by Thermal Circuit Breaker 100A (110V) / 60A (220V)
 Switch-over Time Inverter to AC Input 0 msec.
 Switch-over Time AC Input to Inverter 0 msec.
 Detection Time AC Input Fault 4 msec. to 10 msec.
 Trip Level Mains to Inverter 90VAC / 180VAC
 Trip Level Inverter to Mains 94VAC / 187VAC
 Min.- Max. Frequency Range
45~55Hz or 55~65Hz
 Power Control Yes
 Power Assist 20A
 Auto Transfer Switch (A) 30A
 Multi-purpose Relay 3 relays
 Protection Output short circuit;
Battery overvoltage;
Battery undervoltage;
Battery reverse polarity detection;
Over temperature;
High input voltage ripple
 Common Characteristics Operating temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
(fan assisted cooling) Humidity: max 95% (non condensing)
 Weight (kg) 48.1kg 46.5kg
 Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 590 x 480 x 630 mm
 Solar Charger SCC Series PM-SCC-45A-1248 / PM-SCC-60A-1248
(Max. 10 sets for parallel connection)
 Remote Controller  Remote monitoring available; optional cables: 3M/15M
 Battery Temperature Sensor (BTS) Compensation for the battery charging voltage and current


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